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The biggest basketball tournament Christmas Cup 2013 is over

Sunday, January 10, 2016

January 3rd – 5th Tornado basketball school has organized annual basketball tournament "Christmas Cup 2013" to win Kaunas district Mayors' cup. There were 34 basketball teams from Lithuania and foreign countries which competed in three age groups (boys born in 2000, 2001 and 2002).

"Christmas Cup 2013" surpassed last year's tournament with a number of participants. This year 24 teams from foreign countries and 10 teams from Lithuania have participated in this tournament. Total number of participants exceeded 500. Basketball matches was played not only in the sports halls in city Kaunas but also in Kaunas district.

This year's tournament was attended by guests from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Slovenia. 2000 and 2001 birth group of boys were divided into four subgroups. 2000 and 2001 birth group of boys were divided into four subgroups. They started to play in a single round - robin schedule, until the strongest team was determined. (In a single round-robin schedule, each participant plays every other participant once). Six teams of 2002 birth group played the entire tournament in a single round - robin schedule. For the won match team got 2 points, for losing - 1. Team, which collected the most points, won the tournament.

In the group of boys born in 2000 the strongest team became champions of Russia - Moscow "Gloriya". The basketball players of Coach Monakhov Evgeny suffered no losses during the tournament and showed the highest level of basketball. The second place won Tornado KM - "Viči" (Coach of Šarūnas Zablockis). This team had no losses until the final match. Bronze medals went to Kauno KM - "Aisčiai" (Coach Donatas Velička). They won against Vilnius KM team (Coach Raimundas Kairys) in a third - place game

Symbolic five of group 2000: 563

1. Ivan Glubokovskiy (Moscow "Gloriya") 

2. Yashin Krilja (Moscow "Gloriya")

3. Karolis Babušis (Tornado KM - "Viči")

4. Nedas Ilonis (Kauno KM - "Aisčiai")

5. Gytis Baublys (Vilniaus KM)

Best player of tournament Semen Krasilshchikov Moscow "Gloriya"

The champions of Russia, Moscow "Trinta" (Coach Antipov Aleksander) got Gold medals in group 2001. They won against Tornado KM - "Sostena" (Coach Andrius Macijauskas) in the final game. Vilniaus KM team (Coach Vytenis Tupčiauskas) won the third place after winning the match against Kauno KM - "Aisčiai" (Coach Raimundas Zakrys).

529Symbolic five of group 2001: 

1. Rokas Jasiulevičius (Tornado KM - "Sostena)

2. Gytis Budreika (Tornado KM - "Sostena)

3. Titov German (Moscow "Trinta")

4. Karolis Žagminas (Vilniaus KM)

5. Vincentas Šalčius (Kauno KM - "Aisčiai")

The best player of tournament: Kheisam Bittar (Moscow "Trinta")

The strongest team in group 2002 was Kauno KM – “Aisčiai” (Coach Saulius Marčiukaitis). Easily overcame other opponents, only lost the final game, the second place achieved Tornado KM - "Fudo" team (Coach Aivaras Grigaliūnas). The award of the third place went to team from Klaipėda - V. Knašiaus KM (Coach Linas Kaziulionis).

Symbolic five of group 2002: 482

1. Kristupas Viršilas (Tornado KM - "Fudo")

2. Joris Mulvinskas (Kauno KM - "Aisčiai")

3. Filip Siewruk (MKK Basket Koszalin)

4. Kornelijus Zikas(V. Knašiaus KM)

5. Siniak Roman (Minsk "Tsmoki")

The best player of tournament Dominykas Stenionis (Kauno KM - "Aisčiai")

For boys born in 2000 award were given by one of the famous Lithuanian's basketball coach and former president of Lithuanian Basketball Federation Vladas Garastas and president of Lithuanian's Youth League of basketball Dainius Čiuprinskas. Former Kaunas "Žalgiris" basketball player and "Tornado" BS coach Robertas Ragauskas together with "Tornado" BS director Kęstutis Naruševičius gave the awards for boys born in 2001. The youngest basketball players born in 2002 got the tournament Cups and medals from famous basketball player, champion of Eauroleague (1999) - Tomas Masiulis.

Director of "Tornado" BS Kęstutis Naruševičius was glad about tournament: "We are really delighted that our annual tournament are growing and growing with each year. There participate not only our friends' teams from foreign countries, but also new and very strong basketball clubs. We would like to thank all the participants, as well as contributed to the organization of the tournament, especially for Mayor of Kaunas district Valerijus Makūnas. Also the biggest thanksgiving words go to parents of our basketball players. They were not only supported our teams, but also helped during the tournament. We believe that with every tournament was organized, we grow and move forward!"

The results You can find

Photos of tournament You can find in our website or in Facebook profile KM Tornado
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