Every year more and more boys attend basketball practices at „Tornado“ basketball school. There were more than 850 young basketball players at season 2020/2021. Experienced coaches develop kids from their first steps on the court.

„Tornado“ basketball school pays close attention to raise the qualification of coaches. Due to this, coaches participating in basketball seminars, various meetings with famous persons, deepen knowledge of food and nutrition.     


Because of the hard work of our coaches and effective preparation for the season, our teams win more and more memorable victories in the National championship. Almost all the teams of the school are competing in the Kaunas amateur basketball league, international basketball tournaments in foreign countries and in Lithuania. The youngest players of “Tornado” basketball school have their own internal tournament “Tornadukai Cup”. The most promising players represented our school and country in the National Youth teams. 

„Tornado“ basketball school is socially responsible. Every year school organizes few social promotions, that involves not only the staff but also all the society of the school. “Tornado” basketball school trying to create the best conditions to play basketball kids from poor families or orphans. Coaches take care of the results of education, trying to develop a sense of responsibility and help them to grow good humans. 

Every year „Tornado“ basketball school organizes two international youth basketball tournaments – “Christmas Cup” and “Kaunas Cup”.  “Christmas Cup” is the most massive international youth basketball tournament in Lithuania! Teams from all over Europe participate in both tournaments. Teams from Russia, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Belarus, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Great Britain, Moldova and Ukraine participating in these tournaments.  

“Tornado” BS also organizes two festivals – season’s opening and closing ceremonies. Starting our seasons with playful basketball match during the opening ceremony, we always finish years with the final game of our youngest players and awards of graduates. The spirit of basketball keeps the symbol of our school – squirrel Tornas. He accompanies basketball players during all the festivals and international tournaments.

We are the exclusive

1. Basketball workouts take place not only in Kaunas city and Kaunas District but most important – close to your home!

2. We are not only looking for young talents but also take care of our children education and leisure time.

3. We are organizing seminars and meeting with famous persons from the basketball world.

4. We are participating in various social campaigns, promoting extra-curricular activities for kids from poor families or homeless. 

5. Tornado KM coaches educate children in the long term, rather than short-term "forced" results.

We reach to develop strong, vigorous and intelligent basketball players. We wish they proclaim the name of our basketball school, city, and country participating in the championships and tournaments of Lithuania or foreign countries!           

  Moments from the life of Tornado BS: